Rena Bannett

About the Artist


Art is a method I use to articulate what I observe in the world around me. Often when I sculpt, paint, draw or write what I am seeing, the experience is clarified and/or deepened for myself in a way it otherwise would not have been, and sometimes when I share these pieces with others, they express thoughts or feelings that echo those I had when making the pieces.

I am especially interested in accessing that place where my conscious and subconscious meet. Sometimes it is by focusing on technique that the personal significance and emotions of what I am seeing reveal themselves in the work in ways of which I was not necessarily fully aware. These are some of my favorite and often my most interesting moments.

The medium I choose depends on what I have seen and how I feel I can best express it, and I often try different media to see how these choices affect the subject.

I hope you enjoy visiting my work here and that you will share your feedback with me.

~ Rena