RenaSpace | Transitions


Transitions have always been challenging for me, beginning something new, though often exhilarating carries its share of the frightening, while endings are often fraught with pain.

It is my theory that this is the reason that Gd made sunsets so beautiful, so that Adam and Eve would be so wrapped up in the glory of the colors that they would not notice it was getting darker and freak out, at the end of that first day they were created.

These pieces address some of these feelings, whether depicting temporal, seasonal or spatial changes,the beauty that accompanies them can provide a welcome distraction.

Winter: Morning, Noon, and Night
Koi in Japan
Insomnia Sunrise
Insomnia Moonlight
Insomnia Midnight
Things That Make My Soul Dance and My Heart Sing
Judean Hills
Foliage: Light
Foliage: Dense
Sunset Enters Shabbat
Fallen Leaves
Dogwood in the Fall

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